Sunday, April 10, 2022

Treatments for Early COVID-19 in Outpatients (For Providers)

  (For patients: please see Bird's Eye Medical "for patients" page)

Algorithm for treatment of early COVID-19 in Outpatients, updated April 10, 2022. FORMATTED AS 1 PAGE PDF for you to download and print out in color or keep on your computer desktop and reference.

Video to review algorithm and general updates on early outpatient therapy:

Resources to help with the algorithm:

-FOR DRUG INTERACTIONS WITH PAXLOVID, please  use the University of Liverpool Paxlovid Interaction online checker.  You can also look at all the meds on the table in the the EUA. Be careful with your own EMR interaction function as this drug is so new.  (note we had a short list but seemed like the list was growing so we are not recommending that any more. The U of Liverpool seems the most useful)

Infectious Disease Society has more resources and links to help manage drug interactions with Paxlovid

A prescription form in Word that you can adapt to your practice for Paxlovid and Molnupiravir orders (click here to download)


Federal and State Web Site Resources and References:

NIH Guidelines and Details

Monoclonal Antibodies and Other Treatments from Health and Human Services

WA State Covid Treatment Information

Covid Treatment Locator (where are the meds and the antibodies?)

Another locator link to find the pharmacies 

Mapped pharmacy locator

Resources from the Medical Letter (Trusted Independent Reviews of Medications and Treatments):

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

NO-COST Covid-19 Test from Bird's Eye Medical

Downtown Olympia now has drive-through NO-COST Covid-19 PCR testing!

We are in  the old Greyhound station, on 7th Ave SE and Capital Way S. Monday-Saturday 9AM to 4PM for now.

To prevent traffic problems, Please GO AROUND THE BLOCK on 8th or Legion way to come at the site from the East!

Please register HERE.


We charge insurance $60 for collection, and the University of WA lab will also charge insurance. Insurance or the government COVID support will pay a portion. Whatever they pay, YOU PAY NOTHING. 

-copay = 0

-if your insurance does not pay a portion, you pay = 0

-if you have no insurance, you pay = 0

For rapid antigen tests for work (no symptoms) or other reasons we charge $34 to your credit card on site

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wow, that mask really worked great!

In a new report, a hairdresser with COVID-19 gave it to her colleague. But of the 139 of their exposed customers, none of them caught the virus. The hairdressers and the customers were wearing masks during their work. This shows once again how effective masks are. Also that we need to work on how we interact with co-workers, not just customers and patients. To limit the spread of COVID-19, don't forget the lunchroom!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

A Viral Faith

Please listen to this message from Pastor Phillip Miller from March 15, Westwood Baptist Church:

A Coronavirus Fighter

Dr. Alex Greninger is going to receive some major awards once this Covid-19 thing is all over. What an amazing amount of work he has done to make testing happen, despite the cement shoes put on him by the stultifying bureaucracies of this country. I appreciate his work and that of his department at the University of Washington. Please read the whole story up to this point here

Sunday, March 1, 2020


See the Seattle Times Letter I wrote:

Treatments for Early COVID-19 in Outpatients (For Providers)

  (For patients: please see Bird's Eye Medical "for patients" page ) Algorithm for treatment of early COVID-19 in Outpatients,...